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October 14, 2014

Taken 3 Out in January, but is it The End for the Franchise


Taken 3 is being touted as the final installment in 20th Century Fox’s mega-blockbuster action trilogy. The movie promises an epic goodbye to Bryan Mills, the film’s main character (an ex-covert CIA operative). Only, is this really goodbye? Are we really supposed to believe this is the last time Mills will use his very “particular set of skills?”

Let’s review the evidence:

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March 19, 2014

The Most Talked About Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever

The Most Talked About

If you are getting ready to propose to your girlfriend and you want a unique engagement ring to give her, why not give her a ring that is inspired by her favorite celebrity? A current trend in celebrity engagement rings is the wearing of rings studded with color diamonds as is the case with Carrie Underwood and Kristen Bell but there are other celebrities such as Kate Middleton who still opt for the traditional white diamond studded engagement ring. Here are some of the most talked about celebrity engagement rings.

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February 23, 2014

Celebrities Score Impressive Gift Baskets


So you think that the best part of being a celebrity is the fame or fortune that comes with being one of the most recognized faces in the world? I disagree. It's all about the free schwag, baby!! It's all about those gift baskets they get at parties or all those Jamba Juices they get to drink for free. High profile people in every niche get some free stuff naturally because, well, that's just smart marketing. Celebs though? I have to think they get the best of the best.

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February 13, 2014

Why Rehab is Always a Good Idea


Rehab. It’s almost a rite of passage in Hollywood. From eating disorders to substance abuse and mental health issues, the pressure seems to get to celebs all too often. But instead of demonizing this crowd, it’s truly the responsible thing to do.

2014 has already seen a few surprise names entering rehabs centres. Selena Gomez voluntarily packed her bags for a two week stay at a rehab centre in Arizona. While the reason was not made public, speculation is rife that she is heartbroken from her breakup with Justin Bieber.

Another 2014 victim was singer Ke$sha who announced in January that she was seeking treatment for an eating disorder. She’s done the responsible thing and cancelled upcoming concerts in order to seek the right treatment.

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January 29, 2014

5 Sexy Celebrity Inspired Styles To Wear This Valentine's Day

5 Sexy Celebrity Inspired Styles to Wear This Valentine's Day

Make this Valentine's Day the one when your boyfriend or husband's jaw drops when he sees what you're wearing. It's easy to get such a reaction when you that a cue from celebrities known for their glamour and style. Maybe you cannot afford the designer dresses that celebrities wear but you can afford dresses inspired by the styles of this year's best-dressed celebrities. Get the look that will make his jaw drop in awe with these five styles that are perfect for a night on the town or an intimate evening at home.

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It seems that the machines are winning in this digital age where voice-to-text is so prevalent. Many have abandoned the professional services of transcribers because they think that Androids and iPhones do much better jobs at documenting conversations. We are proud to say that the masses are wrong. A recent experiment placed man against machine in the battle for the accuracy and man, professional transcribers that is, defeated the competition. Whereas the machine mistook the word "ago" for "I go," professional transcribers had a knack for hearing and correctly interpreted the text. The playing field between man and technology is a bit more leveled.